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 A Bridge across a Chasm
a bridge across a chasm
A thrown like
A ~
lariat thrown
shining with deftness
from hill to hill
How write a word
the fashions swings despite
[indent] And when he married
[indent] it was as if some milestone had moved /
of its own accord.
 There are the Two Things Here: the Giant Leaves
A I feel in in my
A ~
A In
A ~
There are the two things here: the giant leaves
the 15 greens within a frame
green crowding green &and being
A other
A ~
more than green,
A until
B til
green became
the total spectrum
in the prism see light split &and break
one drums in this green sea
the other: the high cries of girls –
cries like the speech
of each green stalk.
the ones that end in feathers[,]sic.
Who drums?
the girl in denim or the boy in tweeds
 This Whole Green World, Crystal and Spherical
This whole green world, crystal and spherical
silent as a hole in a head, within
which all those birds coloured beaks cheep cheep
[girls]sicgirls’ throats yell boys’ brakes scream
and Manuel’s wheelbarrow crunches and scrapes
its rusty iron rim
A How
A ~
Hollow the other silence aches around it,
A it
A ~
is a green hoop in three
A die
A ~
dimensions, shaped
A compaw
A ~
compass and theorem, a slow chrysoprase
fire to flare and gut the head
 This Whole Green World, Crystal and Spherical
This whole green world, crystal and spherical
silent as the hole in a head within
which all those birds coloured beaks cheepcheep
girls throats yell boys brakes scream
and Manuel’s wheelbarrow crunches and scrapes
its rusty iron rim.
A Th
A ~
Paint it. The other silence aches around it
is a green bruise in
A y
A ~
three [deiminsions]sicdimensions shaped
with compasses and theorems, a slow
chrysoprase fire to gut the head
and leave among the charred curved
A z
A ~
elegant in carbon a global shell
through which those thousand noises dart like
A br
A ~
 These Seas are Empty
These seas are empty
neither shell nor gull
ride on their
A winds
B tides
or winds
one wet carnation from a sailing [birds]sicbird’s
going-away bouquet
A lies where it fell
B was carried in /
&and lies like blood
upon the ashy sands
Riding the winds instead
a hundred kites on strings
&and one a giant bird &and one
a sweet heart candy pink
&and where the large one led
so went the smaller one.
Brazilian Conversation
A Even the heroes are resting now
A ~
The giant rests.
the people on the beaches complain of the /
resting giant
A  & rest
B ~
complain &and rest
Even the heroes are resting now, he said
&and I saw the leaders, all the famous /
A Explorers
A ~
resting upon their swords
Explorers resting
A  on their
A ~
on the map /
midway across the /
A the
B like
statues resting on their pedestals.
Standing they lean as on a balustrade
the angle of the elbow on a ledge –
hip on a bevel of stone
like lovers lean upon each other
women on window sills –
A ~
B in a
scale of lighted squares
women with languor &and longing resting /
in their hearts
My muteness induced by ignorance of the tongue that is spoken hereMy Muteness Induced by Ignorance of the Tongue that is Spoken Here
The heat &and weight of it
the warm wet water
through which I move
silently lumbering
through the green rooms
A ~
B – – – · · ·
&and the green garden
where flowers like parrots
form their ocean floor
A arisen
B ascended
slowly on a fleshy stalk
move in a tiny current
A a second
B an instant
float then more velvet silent than before
Motionless now that green warm water /
as a cube of green glass
A ~
B Negralinha.
The goat came with the cook
was black &and cried
all night among the mangoes
then with one
heavenly tug broke free
the chain a thin
silvery serpent in the undergrowth
&and raced now in the garden
among the pink
lilies of patent leather
shook the pale flowers of the frangipani /
from /
the /
Cook in his high hat
A raced
B chased
&and dark José
flapping a duster
&and the two &and she
all nimble
caught at last in a cul-de-sac
outwitted she
walked like a mincing girl
A in black beside the
B passing the pool
she is no ordinary goat
she has
lived with a circus
 Write, and Imagine a Poem that List of Trees
write, &and imagine a poem that list of trees
if you will, if you want;
A  the list is still a list
B ~
A ~
B the list is still a list
A ~
B &and
not dissimilar to the laundry slip
what if those leaves are large as the ear
of the Indian elephant?
&and those like a woven fan
&and those &and those
spiked, plumed, feathered
hand-blocked, carved embossed.
together though – en [scene]sicscèneentier
 There Should be More to Say But I Become
There should be more to say but I become
when confronted – dumb –
like a bird in a cage,
A won’t
B can’t
A won’t sing at
A ~
on request
 Possible to Like What One Has Got
Possible to like what one has got:
the Rousseau painting at my back
A hat string
B ~
A ~
B hat string
swinging a little is a [monkeys]sicmonkey’s tail
&and among the bright innocent flowers
of the jungle
small lizards nude as chickens newly plucked
run about with leaf insects in their mouths –
looking alertly
alerted by the twitching on their tongue
not to relax
It is not enough to describe it
who wants a list of fauna besides myself
Natural History Museum.
The Sloths
have loofah fur
and faces by Henry Moore
To be a marsupial in [Australai]sicAustralia
in strange enough
But in Brazil [its]sicit’s stranger still:
consider a
A marsupial
B ~
duck with a [duclin]sicduckling in its pocket
and a blonde rat with a brood of four
 Natural History Museum
 I Saw a Baleen in His Bones
I saw a baleen in his bones
long-fingered hands close to his ribs
I saw him swim in the air like a stone
I saw through the holes in his face
 A Coffin of Glass All the Pretty Singers
A ~
B a coffin of glass all the pretty singers
A ~
B dead on sticks, heads cocked
astraddle a painted tree in the crook of its wood
the sloths
A ~
B cretinous faced
B ~
A ~
B union
A ~
B suited
B ~
A ~
B suited
A in
B ~
A ~
B in
B ~
A ~
B in
A their
B ~
A loofah fur
B ~
A ~
B loofah fur
B ~
A ~
B loofah fur
the [zebras]siczebras’ long spine
&and the coral snake pretty in brine –
A in
B ~
A a coffin of glass all the pretty singers
B ~
A dead on sticks, heads cocked
B ~
 A Gold Splotched Spider Guards His Golden Web
A gold splotched spider guards his golden web –
 The Marmosets Grow Stamens Out of Their Ears
the marmosets grow stamens out of their ears
&and their fingers feel like the stems of /
yet a face the size of the top joint of
A our
B ~
your thumb
looks at you with frustration
To those who write of Italy.To Those Who Write of Italy
One cannot be too literary about Rio –
employing rather
the vocabulary of a jeweler
the platinum skyscrapers that follow the curve /
A the sapphire sea
B ultramarine
 It is Very Much the Vogue Nowadays
It is very much the vogue nowadays
to write of Italy &and to show
the world you know all the references
the hills of carved jade
I saw, as a child,
the tiniest golden teaset in the world
made by a jeweler through the jeweller’s /
screwed in his eye
 Our House is All Openings
Our house is all openings
Everywhere you turn
doors or windows open onto
sheets of hot air
or those verandahs
&and the two
A parrots
B parakeets
from [Matto]sicMato Grosso
crack sunflower seeds the whole day long
&and [shrieak]sicshriek
A ~
 Natural History Museum
 I Saw a Baleen in His Bones
I saw a baleen in his bones
long fingered hands close to his ribs –
I saw him swim in the air like a stone
A all
B ~
the holes in his face
 In a Coffin of Glass All the Pretty Singers
A In a painted tree in a coffin of glass
A ~
A the sloths in their loofah fur
A ~
A baby-faced cretins
A ~
in a coffin of glass all the pretty singers
dead on
A twigs
B sticks
heads cocked in a final moult
 Astraddle a Painted Tree in the Crook of Its Wood
Astraddle a painted tree in the crook
A ~
B  of its wood
the sloths in their loofah fur
 12,000 Lying in Rainbow
12,000 lying in rainbow
[indent] quiet in the pose of death
[double indent] ankles together
A ~
 Everyone Writes of Italy But Here in Rio
Everyone writes of Italy but here in Rio
A the [emperors]sicemperor’s
B []sicthe
palace where
A he
B [he ]sic
A ~
B the [emperors]sicemperor
danced the night before
his – – –      exile
shimmers like an island out in the bay
&and the conical mtsmountains jut behind abstracted
One cannot be too literary about it
employing rather
the vocabulary of a jeweller
the platinum skyscrapers which ring the /
A ~
B Some Paintings by Portinari.
With the first lot flat
it was as if he’d cut [of]sicoff my breasts
&and leveled my nose
like the side of a barn
I walked
[indent] &and met them flat
flat – on &and one
uptilted my chin
With the others lord all the colours
A faded
B gone
strange but I wore
red when I came &and green
&and he made them grey
&and painted the grey all over my skin
&and the pain
pulled all
A ~
B the
muscles &and
A tendons
B cords
And in Rio
the bomb of light exploded
&and the flash
 The Candles Gutter in the Rack
The candles gutter in the
A wrack
B rack
&and smell
outside the body of the church
the wax
drips on the iron
in Latin [icycles]sicicicles
A the smoke lies aboaut in ostrich feathers
A ~
grey ostrich feathers curl above the /
walker among so many supplicants
 Natural History Museum
A ~
B The Sloths.
With their loofah fur
&and faces by Moore
A a
A ~
be a marsupial in Australia
is strange enough
On looking out of My Bedroom WindowOn Looking out of My Bedroom Window
15 greens within a frame.
The tree
 Natural History Museum
 In Death as Light
In death as light:
laid out
12,000 birds
green yellow orange red blue violet
 She Sat on the Sill of the Sunny Morning
A ~
B She
A Sat
B [Sat]sicsat
on the sill of the sunny morning
A ~
B the
jungle straining its leashes there
A at
B ~
the perpendicular mountain
[indent] nearer &and nearer her
A ~
B with
another life beginning:
the green &and ominous shade undid
A f
A ~
the flowering trees &and
A the
B feathered
[indent] within her blood
&and she rose pale as platinum
&and her love
A ~
B was
the very shape of grief
&and high on the hill the wild wild plants
A rockets of
A like
fire or the – –      rockets of love
 Natural History Museum
 These Tiny Creatures Have for Face a Space
These tiny creatures have for face a space
no larger than the top joint of my thumb –
eyes blue pin heads – pupilled
&and which look, register excitement
interest anger.
Stamens grow out of their ears
[indent] they are absurd
[double indent] swing round a
A vertical
B horizontal
as if to say look I’m playful
watch me – aren’t I cute
come up again – 3three on a raft.
I poke my fingers through the wire my ring
catches the light
their tiny hands attack
their fingers like the stalks of violets
move on my flesh
&and their tiny eyes look into mine
as if they know the ring they cannot /
 As a Drowned Body Fills with Water
As a drowned body fills with     water –
A blows up like a     bladder floats
A ~
A ~
A blows up like a     bladder floats
on the heavy as mercury     
A water
B lake
A does
A ~
A is
A ~
this woman     swollen
with emptiness is slapping     against
the leaves of the calend     ar –
[indent] I cannot get     her out of my eye
[indent] the scene is     sparking yet she
[indent] obtrudes within     the frame
She is in pain
A  you can     tell
B ~
the fearful swelling     bloats her
&and the current of time     carries her.
It is macabre to see     the smallest eddy /
A her
A ~
that great sac     undo her slow corolla
A ~
B undo
A that
B her
slow corolla
 At My Feet as We walked
At my feet as we walked
the butterfly Navy-blue
outstretched in death
How beautiful I said &and bent to touch
But Homero’s voice full of alarm &and drama
 Not Your Problem
Not your problem
yours will be different this
already seems old-fashioned to you &and
hardly exciting
[indent] yet I swear
young man, intelligent &and fair as you
grew grey in its service, crusted
the same black night that priests have /
your face is beautiful
as mine was once
simply by being young &and arrogant
&and knowing your cause is right
the world will change

Brazilian Poetry Manuscripts (P.K. Page Fonds, Box 27, Folder 5)

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Brazilian Poetry Manuscripts (P.K. Page Fonds, Box 27, Folder 5)
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